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The Merry Corsetier

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Welcome to corsetmakers! Our primary focus, if you haven't guessed, is the construction of corsets and stays from any era. Whether you're a historical re-enactor, a lover of fashion from across the ages, or just a simple fan of fabric and steel, you're welcome here.

The Rules and Sister Communities:

The primary purpose of this community is to discuss corset construction. Posters who do not tend to adhere to this guideline will be asked to use a different community. More specifically:

1. "Eye-candy" posts are only permitted of your own work. The primary purpose of this community is to discuss corset construction. If you want to highlight someone else's work, please post on a more appropriate community.

1b. Please include a paragraph (several sentences) about the construction of your work: notes on pattern, boning, and fabric; any problems you ran into or design features you were experimenting with; fit issues that you solved (or still struggle with).

1c. Posts about antique corsets are always welcome. Please include large, clear photos and as much information as you can in the following categories: time period; fabric and number of layers; seam construction; type of boning; tags, stamps, or marks; anything that strikes you as unusual.

1d. Long posts or posts with multiple pictures: Please use an LJ-Cut (how to LJ-cut) after the first picture or first few paragraphs of text. Please keep pictures outside of cuts to a reasonable size. Clickable thumbnails are preferred but not required.

2. Buying a corset: If you are looking to have a corset made for you, please visit corset_shoppe! That community exists specifically for buyers and sellers of custom-made corsets. "Make me a corset" posts on this community will be deleted.

2b. If you're looking to buy an off-the-rack type corset, please visit ready_to_wear.

3. Selling a corset: If you have made a corset for sale, you may make an "eyecandy" post and include a link to your auction or website at the bottom. Please refer to the "eyecandy" guidelines in rule 1.

Do not post the terms of sale here. Simply end your post with a hyperlink to the sale, and some simple text along the lines of "by the way, this corset is for sale over here." No oversized fonts, no !!!!11one!! punctuation.

3b. If you have a corset that was made for you, and you want to sell it, please go to corset_shoppe. Do NOT post a a link here; for-sale posts of corsets not made by the seller will be deleted.

3c. Selling other things: This can be generalized to "no promotion without content." In the case of corset sales, the content is the eyecandy post. In the case of other businesses, the posters will have to determine what might be appropriate, beyond the basic advertising patter. For example, careful and thorough photographic comparison between new products and commonly used materials would be acceptable in a post advertising some new product.

4. Before you post a question: This community has been around for a while. As of 20th May 2010, the tags have been thoroughly updated and are your best bet for finding information. The Memories are no longer updated. Please check these resources before you post. If you still can't find what you're looking for, please do not hesitate to post a question. We don't bite, we just don't want to be doing your homework for you.

4b. Your best bet for very basic information is the tag advice|beginner faq. Also check out the other advice| or construction| tags, as they will have more specific questions or information on their topics; however, the "beginner faq" tag is the only one that is maintained at a small volume of relevant posts, so it's a very good place to start.

4c. If you're asking for advice, particularly on fitting, please post pictures of your progress to that point and mention any fixes you've already tried. It's incredibly frustrating to try to answer a question like "How do I get rid of those diagonal wrinkles on the waist?" without some kind of visual reference, and it's also very frustrating to have that question answered with things you've already tried. The more information you can provide us, the better we can help you.

4d. Research assistance: If you're looking for help on a report on how to make corsets, look in the tags. If you make a post clearly state a specific thesis (ie "Construction of corsets from 1880 - 1900"), detail the research you've done so far (the resources you've already employed) and what you're still looking for, we might be able to help you. If you post a generic request for people to research your paper for you . . . we'll probably ignore it.

5. If you are looking for corsetmaking supplies, please check these posts: US Suppliers (July 2011), North American Suppliers (2006), European Suppliers (2006), Australian Suppliers (2006). Also check the tag materials|supply and purchase - it's a bit of a dig, but chances are good the information is in there.

5b. If you're reviewing customer service, please put it in the above linked posts. If you're having a particular problem with a seller the mods will consider !alert! posts to be posted as new posts, but only on a case-by-case basis, and only if you contact the mods before you post. We will probably recommend you ALSO post on these posts, just because these supply posts are the archive of all comments made on sellers in those regions.

5c. If you are looking to run or participate in a bulk supply group order, please visit corsetsupplies, a community specifically for bulk group orders of corsetmaking supplies at discounted prices.

6. Deletion or editing of posts or comments: Don't delete or screen comments, your own or other people's, and don't delete posts. Don't edit the wording of a post after you've gotten an answer (except to add something like "ETA: got the answer I needed, thanks!" - ETA = Edited To Add). This community is intended to be an archive of information and if you delete a post or comment no one else can use it. If there are harassing comments you want deleted or screened, contact a mod. If there's comment spam, contact a mod or use this post: http://community.livejournal.com/corsetmakers/1818002.html

6b. The practice of bungee-ing in to an entry, leaving comments and then deleting them, after damage has been done will not be tolerated. We often track comments on entries that seem like potential problems, and if we see it happen we will ban you from the community. Again, contact a moderator to screen, edit, or delete comments, even if they are your own.

7. Be Polite: We are not the intellectual-property police, the bad-sellers police, nor do we tolerate "Corsetry vigilantes" on this community. Be polite.

7b. Any user is always welcome to politely remind another of the rules. "Please include more information as per rule 1b," or "Please include pictures as per rule 4c" and a link to the community profile is sufficient. If you do not wish to involve yourself, one of the mods will catch it soon.

7c. If you are concerned about any aspect of community maintenance or moderation, please let the moderators know. You can PM auroraceleste or rabid_bookwyrm at any time. While we try to keep an eye out for arguments, we can't be everywhere. If you let us know about an argument or other problem, we will handle it privately. Anything you PM or email to the mods may be discussed between us, but it is confidential and will not be broadcast to the community at large.

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