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J.H.Holliday, DDS

Pattern + Info Deetz

Hey guys!
So a few of you asked for the pattern in question that made the Birfday Corset.

Image hosting by Photobucket

As you can tell, it's very simple to follow, and there aren't many pieces to it: I didn't want any gussets for this particular shape (I really wanted to keep it very streamlined and simple with the detailing lying in the boning channel placement) and I wanted a flat front.

To give it an 18th century feel, I made horizontal boning channels in the front and used fairly decent 1/2" steels to keep it rigid. I'll leave the boning placement up to you guys to experiment with.

My bust is 34"
underbust 32"
waist (natural) 28"
upper hip 32"
lower hip 34"

Hope you guys find it useful.

Due to the overwhelming amount of positive feedback I recieved
I'm going to be offering this style for sale, through Totally Waisted!
...so I would appreciate if you use the pattern, to use it only for the powers of good.

Any ideas about $-ing?
I have some rough ideas, but it's always great to have your feedback
Tags: business|pricing, drafting|tips tricks
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