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The Complete Bustier Wedding Dress!

I first posted on July 25, 2014 for fitting help. I made the changes and moved on to the real fabric shortly after. I'm thankful for the help I received on this forum! Finished in time for my wedding on September 6th.

The completed wedding dress!

The bustier tucks into the skirt and the peplums are attached in the skirt princess seams. I was duplicating the shape of a $12,000 dress I tried on, but making into separates so I could wear them apart in the future.

Bustier close up.

Bustier construction included one layer invisible mesh over two layers peach georgette over one layer cotton mesh cut on length grain and one on cross grain. Underwires, boning, and cups for extra coverage. Interior petersham ribbon with two hook/eye closure for waist stay. Center back zipper. The sequin lacey fabric was placed and pieced by hand over the top and sewn onto the invisible mesh layer.

The back view. I used two different medallions from the lace fabric to create the diamond that met at my waist. The medallion on the skirt started as two pieces so they would meet at the invisible zipper at center back. The medallion on the bustier is one piece that I hand sewed onto one side, and once the bustier is zipped on me, the lace covers the zip and attaches on the other side with invisible snaps.

Checking skirt progress - all the lace was pieced onto the skirt and sewn by hand so it wouldn't be interrupted by seams.

Me and my man. He seems to think I should make and sell wedding dresses now. That $12,000 price tag doesn't seem so crazy after all!
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