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My sister's wedding corset

Some time ago I posted some questions about making a corset for a big busted figure, and I think it's only fair that I show you the result. Unfortunately I didn't think about making photos that were concentrated on just the corset, but I've tried to pick out one that shows the best view of the corset.


I used Truly Victorian 110, but I lengthened the top bust seam with around 5 cm, and then had it gradually meet the original pieces under the armpit. She didn't want a bus, it's supposed to look more like a bodice than a corset, so instead there are five spring steels at the front. It's boned with two heavy spiral steels on all the seams, except for the back where it's spring steel around the grommets and the main bust seam where it's ordinary spiral whire. The heavy wire wasn't available in the length needed. It's made out of two layers of coutil, with the boning channels between those layers. The top layer is silk charmeuse. There is some wrinkling going on, but not much considering what a nightmare it is to work with charmeuse. In order to be able to cut out the charmeuse pieces I fused the whole fabric to an interlining before cutting. It's bound with poly duchess bias binding and laced through 17 pairs of metallic grommets with double faced satin ribbon. You can also see the straps, she wanted very wide straps. They are made out of one layer of coutil, one of silk charmeuse and one layer of silk organza. They are attached at the side of the bust in front, but tied on at the back. Each strap goes towards an eyelet at the opposite side of the back, so they cross just above where the top of the corset ends. That way I got a pair of angled straps, but without putting any strain on the neck, and since they are tied on it's possible to adjust them according to how hard you lace the corset.
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