July 6th, 2019

A snippet I would like to share about corsets in 1913 plus questions about bust support.

I was talking about old (edwardian to 1949) books on sewing with TheLongHairedFlapper on her youtube channel, and she recommended some freely downloadable books from archive . com,
I downloaded them, and looked for printed versions to buy on the internet as some of these have been cleaned up and reprinted by Scholar Select.
Only one of three of the books are available to me for purchase (the art of dress) so I decided to just start reading the pdf versions to see what exactly was inside the books.
"Home dressmaking or dressmaking made easy, by Jane Ford" has a chapter about corsets, their uses and how they should fit.
I thought it was interesting enough.
So for anyone who wants to read it here is the link; https://archive.org/details/homedressmaking00ford/page/n5

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