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Sewing Machine Help - Buttonhole Issues?

This isn't *technically* corset-related, but you guys are all so awesome and helpful, so I figured I'd try it. I'll put it behind a cut, though, so you can scroll past as needed. ;-) And feel free to tell me to delete it if it's deemed to be TOO off-topic...

So my friend is having issues with her sewing machine, and I offered to troll my various LJ connections to see if I can help. She has a pretty new Singer 2273 Esteem II sewing machine, which has a "one-step" buttonhole foot and function. You set it to the buttonhole setting, put the button in the back of the buttonhole foot, line up the fabric, and push the pedal, and it does the rest. Unfortunately, it's not currently doing "the rest." It starts fine, gets up to the end of the side, starts doing the cap at the top, and then devolves into a huge tangled mess.

When she was experimenting with this the other night, she didn't actually have a button to use to make the test holes - could that be what's making it freak out? Because it doesn't have the reference to make the end at the right place? I don't really know how those buttonhole functions work - I've only just figured out how to do it on my machine, which I've had for like five years. LOL! That's what I get for mostly making corsets with grommets, not buttonholes...

She's making sure to hold the thread ends so that's not what's tangling, and doesn't think that she might've bumped or otherwise messed up the tension, as it was sewing perfectly well before she tried the buttonholes. And it starts out just fine... then goes all wonky.

Anyone have any suggestions? She's going to buy some more scrap fabric and buttons today to try it again with, but I figured I'd ask around and see if anyone has any suggestions. :-) She's got an awesome Victorian driving coat that's ALMOST done... And Halloween is fast approaching! She's also helping me with all my wedding sewing, some of which includes a corset, so it's relevant! I swear! :-)
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