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Eyecandy - wedding corset outfit

Photo by www.capturingessence.com.au

Months ago I posted some WIP pics of my commitment ceremony dress. Here are the pics of the finished thing!

Photo by www.capturingessence.com.au

Photo by www.capturingessence.com.au

Photo by www.capturingessence.com.au

Photo by www.capturingessence.com.au

Photo by www.capturingessence.com.au

Thank you for all the help I received here and here. It was very nice to hear all your thoughtful comments. In the end I wasn't able to get all the wrinkles out of my corset unfortunately but I didn't worry too much about it as I haven't had much experience making overbusts and didn't have the time to change the pattern/construction.

The cream fabric is a very slubby silk (shade 'cream' from http://www.silkbaron.com), the ivory underskirt is a slubless silk from Exclusive Silks. I remade the underskirt three times because I wasn't happy with the colour but the ivory seemed to work best with my partner's dress.

The train is detachable and I got rid of it shortly after the ceremony but the back of the skirt underneath the train had as much beading as the front. I had problems with the train due to the heavily beaded silk stretching away from the lining and made an extra tuck at the centre top to compensate. I wasn't really happy with the result but it was better than the weird floppy effect I had otherwise. (I'm still sad at myself for hanging up the train after it was lined - silly me thought it had stopped stretching since I had been hanging it up for months before lining it).

The pre-beaded alencon cream lace was from http://www.housefabric.com. I hand-cut and -stitched the lace to the corset, skirt and train.

The corset was boned in spiral steels except centre front and back. My new bolt cutters couldn't cut my spring steel so I had to use the tops of file folders for the centre front and back. It was horrible not having a busk in terms of wearability but I think it was worth it for the look. I hand-stitched over the silver metal eyelets with silk thread.

The top skirt was draped randomly on a model and stitched underneath in place. It was based on a Truly Victorian pattern but I modified it a lot. The TV pattern was easy to follow but didn't give the shape I wanted, so I altered the pleating and also widened the skirt.

I was tossing up whether to have a bottom petticoat hoop as well as a knee-height one - I ended up wearing both hoops but I'm not entirely sure it was the right choice as my petticoat was a bit short and the hoop is pretty visible. I probably should have bought a new petticoat.

My bolero was hand-knitted by TrendyKnitting on etsy whose work I highly recommend. I beaded clear silver-lined seed beads along the cuffs and collar.

I altered my partner's dress and added off-the-shoulder sleeves; her dress is by http://www.rayliadesigns.com.

I also made all our bouquets and other stuff from the ceremony.

Other photos from the day:

Top 50 photos:

The rest of the sets (approx 150 photos in total):

Edit: Thank you all so much for your kind comments! I loved reading every one of them and I'm sorry I can't reply to you all (although I will try to answer any questions). Laura and I really appreciate your kind thoughts.
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