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Fan lacing tutorial

OMG ! I can’t believe I’m writing a tutorial on this community ! I still feel like a poor newbie to corsetry…

First, I’d like to thank you all for your nice comments on my fan-lacing underbust.

Second: I knew someone else on this community had made a fan-lacing corset before, so I checked the community entries and finally found what spiggymr7 had posted a while ago. Unfortunately, there’s no pic anymore in that entry, but I know you can see the corset on her myspace page, for those who are interested.

As some of you requested a tutorial about the fan-lacing...


I’ll start with a few words on the construction itself: quite easy, you make your corset as usual, and only add a kind of external waist tape, where you will attach the lacing slides.

I used grosgrain tape, sewn between the 1st and 2nd front panels, at the waist.

Now, let’s get to the lacing: I unlaced my corset, and made a lace out of 2 different colours, to make it more visual (as I noticed that a dark pic of a dark lacing over a dark corset is not that visual).

The tip is to always think “cross”: my lace goes across the corset when it goes from a slide hole to an eyelet, and from an eyelet to the opposite slide. It only goes straight between one eyelet and the other, this is how I get horizontal lines…

You start at the top of the corset, and fan-lace it all the way down. Here are pics for the first sets of eyelets:

My coloured laces were too short to lace the whole corset, but I hope this is what you expected....
As you can see, it's much easier than it seams at first
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