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28 March 2017 @ 05:19 pm
I'm looking for someone who can create a custom corset for me, however what I want is a little unusual. I have scoliosis and corsets have helped with pain relief a lot in the past. I've recently come into a little bit of money and would love to find someone who can create at least one, but possibly up to 4 corsets for me. They would sort of fill the role of a back brace, although I'm not looking for something that has the same medical re-shaping stuff that a scoliosis back brace has. I would like something that is an overbust and can be worn under clothes (so no frills etc). I'd like it to basically just be a tube that provides somewhat equal support all over, rather than something that cinches in the waist like a victorian corset or similar does. Having something where the lower stomach is supported/brought in might be useful if that's possible. It might be useful with the way my back is shaped, but is certainly not necessary. I've thought about trying to make my own corset to meet this criteria since it's so different than what most corsetiers seem to make, but I'm not very confident in my ability to sit in front of a sewing machine/table for the length of time it would take to create. It would probably take me a year if I tried to do it on my own given how often I need to change position etc. Please ask if I've not been clear enough and you'd like more information about the type of design I have in my head.

Does anyone know of someone who might be comfortable making something like this? I've e-mailed a few corsetiers, but have not had any response yet. My guess is that there are a couple of factors working against me 1) mentioning scoliosis often makes people nervous 2) maybe they don't have time to devote to something so unique?

I would be really grateful for any suggestions! Thanks in advance!
A bit of backstory;
I'm trying my hand at cosplay mid june. My boyfriend is dragging me to an anime convention for a whole weekend in june, location The Hague in the Netherlands.
I have my eye on cosplaying Emma from "victorian romance emma", particularly her early edwardian outfit at the end of the series.
Heres a picture https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/51/9c/0f/519c0f6bdfdc000d573fd025fd9ad131.jpg

That lead me a thought and two questions.
I will probably need to keep the petticoat from riding up and twisting about, I saw petticoat hooks on the web but how do they work?
And how do I keep my overskirt's waistband in the right position with the front lower than the back? Will it naturally follow the corset waistline (which is the correct one) or will it attempt to go horizontal and parallel to the ground?

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18 January 2017 @ 11:21 am
I'm looking at the clover straight awl and tapered awl. Anybody here used both of them? It looks like the tapered one could be better, but I'd love to hear what others think.
I had previously posted that I wanted to make make very short corset (similar to a waspie even) here http://corsetmakers.livejournal.com/2172309.html
I had decided on a construction method with the help of the community members and I was ready to move to the pattern phase.

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No decisions have been made at this time. This is an open comment post about the possibility of moving the community (and closing our LJ doors) or mirroring the community (and leaving posting access at both LJ and DW).

Where do you prefer to post and read, these days? Would you continue to use the community if it moved over completely?

Please let me know your thoughts.

ETA: Why would we do this? As of a few days ago, the LJ servers are located in Russia, which means everything posted to LJ is no longer covered by US laws (including data protection and freedom of speech). Many people are uncomfortable with the change and are leaving LJ completely.

What is Dreamwidth? DW started eight years ago as a fork of LJ's open-source code (basically a duplicate, so the posting/community/friending structure is very similar to LJ). Since then they have made many changes and improvements. DW is free and sells no advertising - all of their revenue comes from paid accounts of various types. DW can import a whole LJ (including comments), for those who want to back up their LJs. You can also set up an auto-crosspost from DW to LJ, if you have both and want your entries to show up in both places.
18 December 2016 @ 12:43 pm

My big project for 2017: a Victorian ballgown using Truly Victorian's 1860's bodice and ball gown skirt. This requires the proper undergarments.

I'll be using Laughing Moon's Dore corset pattern and it's not my first time making a pair of stays/bodies/corset. And in fact, no foundation garments I've ever made calls for a waist stay, but this pattern does. Is it because of the boning casing? I plan on doing the sandwich method and I'll be flatlining the entire thing, so I'm not sure if I still need a waist stay or not.

Over the last few weeks I have learned (theoretically) some different ways to construct a corset with the help of Linda Sparks's book and some internet websites.
I'll sum them up for you;
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Hello everyone.
I thought it would be polite of me to introduce myself before I make any other posts.

So here goes;
My name is Yvonne, I'm dutch, 31 years old, EU size 46 at the moment, did fashion school 10 years ago so I'm not new to sewing or patterning.
I'm also not new to corset wearing. I had 2 fully custom underwear underbust corsets made by a lady in the Netherlands, that was 7 ish years ago.
I have worn them for special events the first 2 years after I got them, but then due to personal issues stopped wearing corsets (and nice looking clothes for that matter) and only recently started wearing nice clothes again.

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26 June 2016 @ 11:58 am

I'm making Simplicity 8162, the 1740's stays. I've cut out my strength layers and sewed boning channels. My question is, how do I insert boning in the channel that's a triangle shape?


Do I just leave the boning as is, and insert it as far as I can, or do I shape the boning to the channel? I've never come across this before, hence the question. Thankfully there's only two channels like this. The others are either straight or slightly angled.

22 April 2016 @ 11:03 am
Hey all, it's been a while since I posted here.  ...a long while.  I'm making my first corsets in a while and I'm getting the hip wrinkle we all know so well.  I have seen various bits of advice (some very vague) about how to fix this.  I've been told securing the boning (tight channels with tops and bottoms) or cutting the side panel off grain, and some people just say to make the curve less dramatic, but that's kind of what I'm going for here.  In fact, in the last fitting the wrinkles weren't there because I hadn't taken in that last bit at the side.  So what is everyone's favorite method of getting smooth side panels?

I added some extra boning to one side to see if it would help, and it did.  Now the wrinkles look more like something that could be fixed with roll pinning.  We'll see if I feel up to picking all those seams apart or if I'll just plan for the future.